Natalie Hopkins

Socially Conscious Design – Exploring the ways in which graphic designers can be both socially and environmentally conscious

The theme for this project was to explore the idea of sustainable and environmentally conscious graphic design by investigating the various methods and materials available when producing publications. This topic grew from the original research question posed in my dissertation, based on the social responsibilities of the designer and the role of ethics in the design industry today. The final outcome is an eco-friendly publication printed using a risograph printer onto recycled and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper with soy-based inks, and hand-bound with a pamphlet stitch. The colour scheme is blue, green and brown to help visually communicate nature and the environment. The front and back cover display a letterpress design and within the publication there are twenty pictograms, each representing the different themes covered in the dissertation. These include the moral dilemmas which can arise when designing charity campaigns that portray those affected by the water crisis.