Amy Filmer

Arcana – I have reimagined Tarot’s Major Arcana, celebrating the feiminine and the natural world.

My reimagining of Tarot’s Major Arcana seizes upon the theme of balance in the esoteric. In the minimalist palette, red and blue clash, meld together or stand alone, balanced by negative space in bursts of brightness. The feminine is celebrated in harmony with the natural world. Emblematic symbolism is combined with dramatic illustration. Through the use of a minimalistic style, the codes and symbols of the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck have been condensed, reverting each card to a powerful core meaning. The patriarchal, dominant figure of the Emperor is a silverback gorilla; the vast, unknowable force of Judgement is visualised as a whale passing through a shoal of fish, and the youthful Fool walks naked into the unknown.