Evie Davis

# desexualise – Nude ladies going about their daily business.

This series of illustrations are a further, visual investigation of the research and findings on popular feminism and hyper-sexualisation in art and the media. Can women can be nude in an image, without creating sexual undertone? In order to answer this question I needed to draw from my experiences in a completely de-sexualised moment. I took my inspiration from settings such as, the ladies only session at Whitstable swimming pool and Kenwood Ladies ponds in Hampstead, London.

The illustrations were created as part of an Instagram campaign, #desexualise. The objective is to raise awareness about hypersexualisation of women, fuelled by over-censoring on social media.

Through creating inclusive and honest depictions of nude women in social settings, I hope to encourage women to question the wayt hey see their own body and embrace a de-sexualised and liberated sense of self.

The illustrations are a mix of media, gouache, oil pastel and charcoal pencil.