Hazel Warden

Planet B – Using textiles to illustrate a sci-fi themed narrative which explores a possible future for mankind.

Planet B is a textile illustration which incorporates both 2-D and 3-D aspects using fabrics, thread, paint, cardboard and wire.

The theme is science fiction and how the genre can be used to both reflect and inspire reality as well as warn us of the potential dangers of progress.

I created my narrative through exploring what life in the distant future could be like for the human race. I developed my own prediction where mankind have destroyed Earth and as a result have had to leave in giant spaceships and search the universe for a new planet to call home.

I wanted the piece to be fun and lighthearted even though the underlining message is quite serious. This contrast is also mirrored by the soft, textural feel of the fabric and the cold, mechanical quality of the spaceship.