Jessica Roalf

A Child’s Planet – Comparing the child’s and adult’s imagination and creativity through each creating an alien and planet

In this piece I wanted to explore the child’s and the adult’s imagination and creativity by getting them to create and draw a made-up planet and alien each. I then took elements from each drawing and incorporated the actual drawings for the planet and create a combined alien using parts from various children’s aliens to make one new one. I chose to focus on the child’s planet for this experiment and take a section from the planet I created, which I created using modrock, paper and foam cut-outs and acrylic paint. However, for my next project I will be developing this further by making two different scenes with 2 combined aliens for each planet, to visually compare the similarities and differences between the child’s and the adult’s imagination and creativity. I will be using stop motion to also illustrate what each planet’s mood and atmosphere would look like.