Kit Booth

My work is all about exploring digital media by meshing it with traditional media (and lots of colours!)

This project is based around the visual language of video games; boss fights, death screens and even MMOs. I wanted to create ultimately a completely new product, but with an degree of familiarity to even those inexperienced with video games. I love to illustrate in traditional media but am an avid fan of video games and grew up surrounded by technology; I like to marry these elements in my work just as they coexist in my life.

I create with a curiosity as to how people will react to it. My dissertation explored video games as not just an art form but as a culturally significant art form, which involved assessing the impact that video games have on the individual.

My art has changed and developed a great deal, leading to a very varied body of work; ultimately, that was to my advantage since I have a preference for mixed media.