Marc Cohen

Alice and Autism: A new approach to Wonderland  РA Puzzle for Alex РMy practice is based around creating characters and narratives that people will become invested in.

My project was based initially around the concept of creating a nice version of Alice in Wonderland, in response to the research I have done for my dissertation. This then developed into a response to how little representation there is in popular media of autism and Asperger’s syndrome. I have combined these two ideas to create illustrations and a narrative for a children’s book focusing on the experiences of a child with ASD during a school day. For this I have experimented primarily with mark making, using coloured pencils to create the characters, as well as looking into other processes such as rubber stamping. One of the biggest inspirations that helped drive this project was meeting and participating in a workshop run by the illustrator Fiona Woodcock, whose work I then went and researched into as a source for my visuals.