Sam Burgess

Controlled Chaos Project

My work is inspired by Dada whether it’s made physically through collage or designed through its manifesto, using it in sound and video/ film. Recently my work has been more sound directed after working on The Controlled Chaos Project for The Pixies. This work focuses on interpreting music through visual form, creating textures, illustration, type and motion graphics etc, that when put together form an active presence inside the frame. The work exhibited are screenshots from videos that were put forward (and some) used for the Pixies gig. These images explore the songs on the album and EP ‘Come on Pilgrim, It’s Surfer Rosa’, expressing the raw and graphic aesthetic of the songs as well as the tone and emotion from them. In another sense, the images act as a narration of the bands’ style and musical presence alongside the visual interpretation of their sound: a visual collage of texture.